Garcinia Cambogia – What It Is, The Benefits, And Whether It’s Worth Trying

Whenever something new hits the market, there is this hype where people get to talk so much about. In the recent past, the internet has been filled with Garcinia Cambogia weight loss extract.

There is no doubt that this extract has made a mark in our lives so far, especially for those looking to shed off some weight.

What is it? 

So, what exactly is this Garcinia Cambogia? Well, this is a fruit extract that has helped many people lose weight. The fruit comes from Southeast Asia, and for decades, the locals have been using it in various ways.

For example, before the biologists discovered its weight loss capabilities, the locals mainly used it as traditional medicine, and as a recipe additive for their main meals.

The fruit is wholly natural. This is definitely the main reason why most people (who are trying to lose weight) have been excited about this extract.

The extract comes from a rind of a tiny pumpkin. This fruit is full of antioxidants, which are known to combat fat and prevent aging. Other than that, it comes with various other benefits.

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Suppresses Appetite 

So many people would love to reduce their weight. But the main setback is the fact they cannot control their appetite. If you are one such person, then you are in luck – the garcinia cambogia extract will suppress your appetite.

Controls your food cravings

Most weighty people tend to have the tendency of cravings for sugary foods like chocolates.

It is such sugary foods that keep you bloated up, and with constant cravings to eat sugary things, then controlling your weight becomes a daunting challenge.

With this extract, say goodbye to uncontrollable cravings.

More Energy in the Body 

The garcinia cambogia has the capability to boost your energy so that you feel lively, in case you initially felt weak and less energetic.

Other than that, this HCA extract not only generates more energy, but also secrets Serotonin. This helps you have a better sleeping experience. And in the process, you get to relax and feel less distressed.

Makes your immune system strong 

Well, this doesn’t require much of an explanation. Actually, it was realized that the locals in southeast Asia (where the plant grows) are much healthier and rarely contract ailments like flu, colic, swellings, bowel complaints, etc.

It also treats ulcers since users are free from acidity problems.

Does it have any side effects?

The answer is an outright No! This is because the garcinia cambogia extract doesn’t rely on stimulants.

However, it is prudent enough to mention that there some people who might experience a few negative effects. But this is just because some of those people might be allergic or something like that.

Final Thoughts – Is It worth Trying?

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How Does Exercise Impact Weight Loss?

Developed and produced by
Animation description: In this animation, we discuss the concept of physical activity and exercise as they relate to obesity.
In humans there is a fine balance between energy intake and energy expenditure.
Energy intake is in the form of food, and energy expenditure is in the form of the basal metabolic rate and physical activity.
The difference between energy intake and energy expenditure is the net energy balance. If intake exceeds expenditure, then a net positive energy balance occurs.
Energy expenditure depends on a number of factors.
This includes the starting body weight, the basal metabolic rate and physical activity.
With regards to physical activity, there are several key variables including the frequency, intensity, duration and type of activity done.
Let us now examine energy consumption. One honey glazed donut is shown which has approximately 300 kilocalories.
The energy intake from the consumed donut is equal to the energy consumed by moderate walking for 30-60 minutes, at 3.0 miles per hour.
If an individual walks for an hour at 3 miles per hour.
They will expend approximately 300 kilocalories, the same as what was contained in the consumed donut.
If an individual walks daily for one hour at approximately 3 miles per hour. This type of activity would lead to weight loss. This assumes that the individual does not consume any extra calories and has a net negative energy expenditure.
If this activity continues for a period of two to four months, body weight is reduced as depicted.
The initial weight loss is the result of a negative net energy balance.
The negative energy balance is because energy expenditure exceeds energy intake.
After the initial weight loss, the individual continues to do the same type of exercise, that is, 1 hour of moderate walking daily.
The chart depicts changes in body weight over time.
Individuals are surprised and frustrated that his weight is not continuing to decrease despite regular walking.
They have reached a plateau.
The reason behind the weight loss pleateau is that with decreased body weight, the basal metabolic rate also decreases.
When the basal metabolic rate decreases, there is a decrease in total energy expenditure.
If the discouraged individual quits his daily walking exercise. The weight is gained again, at a quicker pace.
The weight is re-gained as a result of a positive energy balance being created.
Energy expenditure is now less since the physical activity has been stopped.
By keeping the same intensity and duration of walking without making any changes in the diet (energy intake) the man would enter a weight maintenance phase.
This is characterised by gaining a small amount of weight.
The weight maintenance is the result of an energy balance being established within the body, where energy intake essentially equals energy expenditure.
If there is no change in energy balance, there will not be any further change in weight.
What must be done to end the weight loss plateau?
Several options exist to maintain a negative net energy balance. These involve either decreasing energy intake or increasing energy expenditure.
Options include: restricting calories further or increasing the frequency, or the intensity or the duration of the exercise.
In summary then, weight loss plateau’s are expected and can only end with continued exercise and a net negative energy balance.
Stopping exercise or increasing calories will lead to weight gain.
If one continues to exercise to maintain a net negative energy balance weight loss will be promoted.

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